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Kiki curated “Polyphonic China”, the first UK screenings of Chinese independent documentaries by Zhao Liang, Zhou Hao, Fan Jian, at Regent Cinema London in 2009 with special talks by Chris Berry, Harriet Evans, Luck Robinson and Katie Hill. He also curated “New Generation: Contemporary Chinese Independent Film” at Celiphlia West London in 2010. When she was working in Shanghai, she curated “Memory Talks” screenings including films by Wen Hui and Lynne Sachs, in collaboration with ICCI's postgraduate students, Mixed Paper Bookshop and Extra Time Space in 2017. 

Kiki recent and upcoming curatorial works include The Spirit of “Mountains and Water” - Gao Shiqiang’s moving image art through Cosmological thinking (Oct 2023) at BLOC Cinema and Gallery, Queen Mary University of London, and Dancing with Water - Women's cinema from contemporary China
at various art cinemas in London from Feburary to April 2024.

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