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Critiques and reviews

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"Oscars 2023: The philosophy of Everything Everywhere All at Once explained", The Conversation, March 2023

In Chinese: "Human spaces in nonhuman eyes/ 非人视野下的人类空间" review of XU Bing's Dragonfly Eyes (2016), Dec. 2019.

“On The West Bund Biennale: Where the Governmental and the Avant-Garde meets” in School of Contemporary Chinese Studies blog, UNNC, Nov 2013

In Chinese: “Blurring Boundary Between the Real and the Performative Self” - exhibition review on Look at Us (Shanghai Centre of Photography) and Please Follow Me (OCAT Shanghai). at, Sep 2017

展评 | 真实与扮演的边界——关于展览“听我说”以及“看看我们!”

In Chinese: “From ‘Me’ to ‘Us’ - First Person Cinema” at Ray Art Center online publication, 10 May 2016


《从家庭影像进入记忆的漩涡——Peter Forgács的影像历史书写》 | 私人家庭影像和记忆构建(二)

《洋人业余影像里的中国(1900-1948)》| 私人家庭影像和记忆构建(三)

《家庭影像里的情绪 - 戴建勇coca的影像日记》 | 私人家庭影像和记忆构建(四)

“Engaging with China’s iGeneration” at Ray Art Center online publication ‘Film Education’, 27 May 2016

"Independence as a Living Attitude”. at June. 2012

 “Newnham and Me: My Life in Cambridge’s Women College”. at July. 2012

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